Our Story

It all started in 2006. We knew the health benefits of Omega-3 fish oil supplements were compelling, but couldn’t find any premium options that we trusted to take ourselves or give to family members. At the time, the vast majority of fish oil supplements were cheap, bulk, and low purity, often consisting of only 18% EPA and 12% DHA. As a result of these low concentrations, we knew that people were either not getting enough Omega-3 or had to take a large number of pills, which often resulted in fish burps and other negative digestive effects.

That’s when we decided to take things into our own hands and create the exact supplement we had been searching for. We were guided by one simple question: “Would we give this product to our loved ones?”

To answer this question, we committed to three core principles and have not wavered from them in our 17+ year existence. All three principles point to a simple but important aspiration - our omega-3 supplement will provide peace of mind for ourselves, our families, and our customers.

High Quality

Like our own families’ health, we take your health seriously and that means no cutting corners on quality. We make sure we’re only sourcing fresh and ultra concentrated fish oil that is extremely high in the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids- EPA and DHA. We noticed there are a lot of Omega-3 products out there with chemical ingredients like those found in enteric coating pills, so instead, we’re committed to only using natural ingredients with no GMOs or artificial additives. In our research, we found that two of the biggest issues with many Omega-3 fish oil supplements are the fishy aftertaste and fish burps. We minimize these sometimes unpleasant side effects and maximize freshness through our ultra pure concentration. We wanted to go even further than most fish oil supplements to maintain freshness so we added an all natural caramel coating to our softgels. The darker shell protects the oil from the damaging effects of sunlight which in turn helps preserve freshness.

When we developed our product, we knew that we wanted the highest quality, but not just  quality by our own standards. So we turned to the most reputable third party testing laboratory - International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) that sets the highest standards for quality. Since day one, each and every batch of OMAPURE has been tested and has received their coveted 5 star rating. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at sourcing fresh fish from clean oceans for today’s consumption; it’s also about sourcing our fish oil in a way that is environmentally sustainable so that these fisheries last and thrive for future generations. We’re proud to be certified by FOS (Friends of the Sea), an international NGO whose mission is to promote environmental conservation, so you can feel good about taking a supplement with a positive impact on the environment.

Safety Obsessed

Omega-3s are essential for your well-being and if you're like most people, you do not get enough of them through your diet alone. Omega-3 fish oil supplements can fill this nutrient gap and do so in a safe way. But, how do you know your fish oil is safe? We believe in transparency and showing proof that your fish oil is safe. IFOS (the third party lab described above), not only tests for utmost quality, but also for safety. In every batch, OMAPURE meets and exceeds the extremely stringent GOED voluntary monograph compliance guidelines for mercury, lead, as well as other heavy metals and contaminants. Transparency is important to us and that’s why we proudly publish our latest IFOS reports on our website so you can have peace of mind you are consuming a safe product.

One of the big questions and concerns for consumers in the dietary supplement space is where the product is being manufactured. We’ll never take risks on where we manufacture OMAPURE. Since day one, OMAPURE has only been manufactured in the USA, in FDA audited, cGMP facilities.

Customers First

We’ve been in the Omega-3 business for the past 17+ years and while a lot has changed over this time period, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to you. Our business is largely fueled by word of mouth, and that wouldn’t happen if we didn’t work hard to build and earn our customers’ trust over all these years. We’ve always stood by our product with an extended money back guarantee to make sure you get exactly what you’ve been promised. We've been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau since our inception, which is a reflection of our long standing commitment to doing what’s right for our customers. As you can see in our reviews, we have happy customers who have turned to OMAPURE to elevate their well-being for well over a decade and we hope to continue that for years to come.

Your Story

We know the impact that Omega-3 fish oil has had on our family’s well-being. Now we want to hear your story too! How has Omega-3 impacted your life? What can we do better? What’s on your mind?  Or even just pop us a line to say hi! We’d love you to tell us about yourself and your story.

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