OMAPURE™: Ultra Pure Fish Oil Supplement

Each softgel contains 75% Omega–3 fatty acids (70% EPA/DHA)

EPA and DHA are by far the two most important active ingredients in an Omega-3 fish oil supplement.  The higher percentage, the better the product.

The National Institutes of Health state that the common amount of Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil capsules is 18% EPA (180 mg) and 12% DHA (120 mg) for a total of 30% EPA/DHA. 1 

OMAPURE™, in comparison, is highly purified to give you 70% EPA/DHA, more than 2X the purity of most Omega-3 supplements.

Clinical studies show that a minimum dose of 2.7 grams per day are typically required for anti-inflammatory therapeutic effects. 2    As a result of OMAPURE™’s ultra pure Omega-3 formulation, you now only need to take four softgels instead of nine to obtain this dose:



Common Omega-3 Supplement

EPA & DHA Concentration:



Number of Softgels Required per Day for
2.7 grams of Omega-3:

9 softgels

4 softgels

Purity is also extremely important for your safety.  OMAPURE™ is put through a molecular distillation process that strips out any potential traces of mercury, PCBs, and dioxins.   Please read more about OMAPURE™’s molecular distillation process.

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A daily intake of 2.7 g EPA plus DHA is provided by a daily dose of nine or more standard fish oil capsules which typically contain 30% Omega-3 fatty acids.
-Cleland and James, Arthritis Research & Therapy, 2006


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