OMAPURE™: Maximum Strength Omega-3

Delivers a daily dose of almost 3g of essential Omega-3 fatty acids

The two key “healing” components in Omega-3 fatty acids are EPA (eicosapentaenoic. acid) and DPA (docosahexaenoic acid).  EPA, in particular, is very well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties 1 and is the “gold” found in fish oil.   Read more on Omega-3 and why it is so important to increase our intake of these essential fatty acids.

Clinical trials show that a minimum of 2.7 grams per day is typically required for anti-inflammatory therapeutic effects. Unfortunately, most general purpose Omega-3 products typically provide less than 500 mg per day and are therefore largely ineffective for chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. 2

OMAPURE™ delivers a maximum strength daily dose of 2.7 g of Omega-3s, including 1.7 g of EPA and 680 mg of DHA.  The OMAPURE™ formulation is scientifically based on proven controlled double-blind clinical trials that relieved joint pain and stiffness. 3  

OMAPURE™’s dose is safe.  The FDA recognizes up to 3 grams a day of EPA and DHA as safe for general consumption. 4

In order to obtain the same EPA and DHA in a bottle of maximum strength OMAPURE™, you will likely need to purchase several bottles of “lower strength” Omega-3 brands.   The right way to compare products is therefore not price per bottle, but rather price per gram of EPA and DHA

We encourage you to compare OMAPURE™'s pricing on a price per gram of EPA and DHA.  OMAPURE™ was found to be 19-83% more cost-effective compared to these other "premium" Omega-3 brands!

Although it’s tempting to ignore the clinical data and just take one “lower strength” Omega-3 capsule, your body needs OMAPURE™’s maximum strength dose to fight the inflammation.  Try OMAPURE™ and you will soon likely be rewarded with less pain and stiffness!

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