Compare: OMAPURE™ vs. Iceland Health

OMAPURE™ has a higher EPA and DHA concentration and is over 50% less expensive



The most important quality consideration in selecting an Omega-3 product is the amount and concentration of the EPA and DHA.   These two anti-inflammatory ingredients produce the long list of health benefits derived from fish oil.

Most fish oil sold in stores has a very low EPA / DHA concentration, typically an 18% EPA and 12% DHA ratio.  This means that the remaining 70% of the fish oil contains less beneficial and lesser refined fatty acids that contribute to fishy taste and fish burps.

Iceland Health’s Maxim Strength Omega-3 has a 30% EPA and 20% DHA concentration.*  This is an improvement from many lower end brands, but still pales in comparison to OMAPURE™’s 50% EPA and 20% DHA concentration.

One OMAPURE™ softgel contains about 600mg of EPA and DHA vs. Iceland Health’s 500mg. 

Both products are molecularly distilled to remove mercury and other contaminants.

The bottom line: OMAPURE™ is a more refined, higher concentrated Omega-3


Safety & Peace of Mind

Fish eaten in large quantities can pose a danger due to mercury and other dangerous contaminants.  The same goes for fish oil supplements.

How do you know the fish oil supplement you take is indeed safe? 

Few brands send their products out to reputable third party testing labs because these tests are expensive and time consuming.  

Iceland Health’s Web site states “all products are frequently tested by licensed 3rd party laboratories for potency and purity.”   As of April 2009, it does not appear that any of these reports are available on the Iceland Health Web site. 

Vitoria Biosciences has OMAPURE™ tested each and every batch by the most stringent third party testing lab, IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards).   OMAPURE TM has always received the highest 5 star rating, which is the most rigorous quality standard, higher than even the Council for Responsible Nutrition, European Pharmacopeia, and Norwegian Medical Standards. 

Don’t take our word for it.  Please read our latest report from IFOS.


The bottom line: OMAPURE™ surpasses the world’s most stringent safety and quality standards (IFOS) and shares these reports with our customers on our site.   Iceland Health does not appear to be tested by IFOS nor does it appear to share any third party reports with its customers.   



So far, we have shown that OMAPURETM beats Iceland Health in regards to quality and safety.

In terms of price, it is not even a close match.

One bottle of OMAPURETM softgels costs $29.95.   One bottle of Iceland Health Maximum Strength costs $49.95.*   It appears to be a 40% discount.  However, it is far more than a 40% discount when one considers that OMAPURE™ has 120 softgels in a bottle vs. Iceland Health’s 30 softgels.  

OMAPURE™ has 4x the softgels in per bottle and even on a bottle to bottle price comparison, OMAPURE™ is 40% less.   The value differential is beyond substantial.

One should be skeptical and ask how could one product be priced so much lower than the other.  It must certainly be that one has shortchanged quality or safety?   However, we have just shown that the less expensive product (OMAPURE™) has more EPA & DHA and is the one to showcase its reports from the world’s most stringent third party Omega-3 lab.

So what explains it?

Unfortunately, it is largely a matter of marketing and distribution channels.  Iceland Health markets heavily on TV infomercials to many viewers who are unaware of the other options in the Omega-3 market.  OMAPURE™ makes a decent financial return, so you can only imagine Iceland Health’s gross margins.

The bottom line:  OMAPURE™ is well over 50% less for a superior product.