Compare: OMAPURE™ vs. Dr. Sears

Virtually the same formulation with OMAPURE™ at half the cost.



The most important quality consideration in selecting an Omega-3 product is the amount and concentration of the EPA and DHA.   These two anti-inflammatory ingredients produce the long list of health benefits derived from fish oil.

Most fish oil sold in stores has a very low EPA / DHA concentration, typically an 18% EPA and 12% DHA ratio.  This means that the remaining 70% of the fish oil contains less beneficial and lesser refined fatty acids that contribute to fishy taste and fish burps.

Vitoria Bioscience’s OMAPURE™ as well as Dr. Sears’ OmegaRx Fish Oil both play at the premium end of the Omega-3 market.   Both products are ultra-refined and carry over 60% EPA/DHA concentration.  

In fact, OMAPURE™ has a slightly higher EPA/DHA concentration (e.g. 70% EPA and DHA vs. Sear’s 60% EPA).   OMAPURE™’s softgels are slightly smaller in size than Dr. Sears’, so the total EPA & DHA is almost identical for four softgels (2390mg vs. 2400mg). 

Both products deliver about 8 times more Omega-3’s than a typical retail fish oil supplement.

In terms of fish oil supply, both OMAPURE™ and OmegaRx are sourced from cold, pristine waters off of South America where there are less environmental purities.   

The bottom line: there is no meaningful difference in quality


Safety & Peace of Mind

Fish eaten in large quantities can pose a danger due to mercury and other dangerous contaminants.  The same goes for fish oil supplements.

How do you know the fish oil supplement you take is indeed safe? 

Few brands send their products out to reputable third party testing labs because these tests are expensive and time consuming.  

Vitoria Biosciences has OMAPURE™ tested each and every batch by the most stringent third party testing lab, IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards).   OMAPURE™ has always received the highest 5 star rating, which is the most rigorous quality standard, higher than even the Council for Responsible Nutrition, European Pharmacopeia, and Norwegian Medical Standards. 

Dr. Sears’ OmegaRx is also tested by IFOS and claims to have 5 star ratings too.  
Please see our latest IFOS report.

The bottom line: both products meet and exceed the world’s most stringent safety and quality standards



So far, we have shown that OMAPURE™ and Dr. Sears OmegaRx have no real difference in terms of quality and no difference in terms of safety.

That is not the case for price.  OMAPURE is about 50% less expensive.

One bottle of 120 OMAPURE™ softgels costs $29.95.   One bottle of 120 Dr. Sears OmegaRx softgels costs $50.95.*   However, if you purchase three bottles of OMAPURE™, the price drops to $23.28 and five bottles drops to $21.95. 

  • One bottle comparison: 
    OMAPURE™ is a 41% discount to Dr. Sears OmegaRx
  • Five bottle comparison:
    OMAPURE™ is a 57% discount to Dr. Sears OmegaRx

One might wonder how could two almost identical products be priced so differently?   To his credit, Dr. Sears has created a great brand (Zone Diet, etc) and has therefore had the luxury of gross margins we estimate to be north of 80%. 

The makers of OMAPURE™ recognized this market inefficiency (and opportunity) and can still make a healthy profit at our much more reasonable prices.  Why pay an almost 2x markup for Sears’ brand when both are tested by IFOS to have the same quality and safety? 

The bottom line:  OMAPURE™ is about half the cost for virtually the same product.  

  *According to official Dr. Sears’ Official Web Site (4/2009)