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Product Information

Can I see OMAPURE's label (supplement facts)?
Sure.  Please see our supplement facts.

Is the amount of EPA and DHA important?  How much EPA and DHA are in each OMAPURE™ softgel?  
EPA and DHA are by far the two most important active ingredients in an Omega-3 fish oil supplement as they are natural anti-inflammatories.  The higher percentage, the better the product.  OMAPURE™ has a 50% EPA / 20% DHA concentration, one of the highest in the market and more than two times the purity of other brands in the market.  Most brands are only an 18%/12% or 30%/20% EPA/DHA blend.

Please see our supplement facts for the specific ingredients and amounts.

What is the optimal EPA / DHA ratio? 
There is a wide range of studies and discussion over the optimal ratio between the two, but there is not an overriding consensus on one “optimal” EPA/DHA ratio.  Generally, most premium Omega-3 brands have a higher EPA concentration.  OMAPURE’s formulation (50% EPA / 20% DHA) mirrors an EPA / DHA ratio used in a very successful double blind placebo controlled trial that was published in the highly regarded peer reviewed medical journal, Arthritis & Rheumatism.  

Is OMAPURE™ an ethyl ester based fish oil, or is it a triglyceride based fish oil?
Ethyl ester.  Most scientific literature shows our bodies have comparable absorption of Omega-3 from EE or TG.

What is the source of your fish oil and where does it come from?
Our Omega-3 fatty acids are derived from fish oil sourced from wild Sardine and Anchovy fished in cold, pristine waters off South America, where there are significantly less environmental impurities.  The fish oil is then put through a rigorous purification process known as molecular distillation.   Similar to the water purification process, molecular distillation traps contaminants.  The final result is that OMAPURE™'s fish oil is the only one to achieve USP (United States Pharmacopeia) verification, which is the most rigorous quality assurance verification in the world.

Is OMAPURE™ molecularly distilled and what is molecular distillation?
Yes. Molecular distillation is a refinement process for the concentration and purification of EPA and DHA from starter fish oil material. As in any distillation process, it is based on molecular weight fractionation.

Does OMAPURE come in liquid form?
No, it currently does not.  It currently is only sold in softgel form.

How many softgels in each OMAPURE bottle?
120 softgels.

Dosage & Directions for Use

Should I take OMAPURE™ with or without meals?
It is recommended, but not necessary, to take OMAPURE™ prior to a meal with water.

How many OMAPURE™ softgels should I take each day?
There is no conclusive scientific data that tells us the exact dosage to take for an Omega-3 supplement.  There are many variables such as each individual’s underlying health, fish consumption, etc.  Most OMAPURE™ customers take one dose (2 softgels taken once) or two doses (2 softgels taken twice) each day.

Can I take OMAPURE™ if I’m using blood-thinners or other medication?
Please read the precautions in taking OMAPURE™. 

Do you have an allergy statement?
Yes, please read our allergy statement.   OMAPURE™ should be used with caution in patients with known sensitivity or allergy to fish.

How should I store OMAPURE™?
Please store OMAPURE™ at room temperature and out of direct sunlight if possible.  Keep out of reach of children.

What is the shelf-life of OMAPURE?
OMAPURE™ has a three year expiration date from the date of manufacture.   Please see our third party test (from IFOS) on our latest batch to find the exact expiration date. You will also find the expiration date on your bottle.

Special Orders (Bulk/Wholesale & Autoship)

Do you offer special pricing for bulk / wholesale orders?
Yes, we do.  Please visit our bulk / wholesale pricing page.

Do you offer autoship (set up an automatic shipment at specific intervals)?
Yes, we do.   We do not offer the option directly in the shopping cart, but if you contact Vitoria Biosciences with the number of desired bottles and desired time interval, we would be happy to set it up in our system.

Third Party Tested (IFOS)

Does OMAPURE™ undergo any third party testing?
Each OMAPURE™ fish oil batch is tested by the most reputable and stringent third party testing lab, IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), to ensure the highest purity, safety, cleanliness, concentration, and stability.  OMAPURE™ has always received IFOS' highest 5 star rating.  Please see our latest IFOS report.

Why is third party testing so important?
It should be obvious…low quality fish-oil may contain highly dangerous PCB, mercury, and heavy metals.   Only through verification by a highly respected third party testing lab can you have comfort that you and your family are taking an Omega-3 supplement with no mercury or other dangerous contaminants. To save costs, most Omega-3 brands skip this vital step.

How does IFOS ensure absence of these contaminants?
PCB, Dioxin and Furan levels are tested using gas chromatography mass spectrometry at a detection limit of parts per trillion. Mercury is tested using cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy at a detection limit of parts per billion These are very expensive tests but the makers of OMAPURE™ believe it is critical for peace of mind as well as it is a clear demonstration of the company’s commitment to quality and safety.

Can I see your latest IFOS report?
Yes. You are welcome to read our latest IFOS report.  You will see we received the highest rating from IFOS (5 stars).  This report represents the batch currently shipping.

Comparison to other Brands

How does OMAPURE™ compare to other brands in terms of quality and price?
We have positioned OMAPURE™ as the cost-effective brand at the premium end of the market.  We consider a premium Omega-3 brand to have three traits: 1) a high EPA / DHA concentration, 2) the strictest quality standards such as compliant with the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s (CRN) voluntary monograph on long chain Omega-3 EPA and DHA and 3) independently tested by a reputable third party lab.

It is not cheap to obtain these three traits and as a result mass brands such as those found in most stores are priced lower.  Of course, for the lower price, you are simply trading off the quantity of the active ingredient (EPA and DHA), quality, and verification of safety.

In the premium segment, OMAPURE™ is taking share as the cost leader.   The most logical way to compare apples to apples is to compare on a $ per gram of EPA and DHA across brands.

Please see the pricing comparison table and you will see OMAPURE™ is priced at a significant discount to other premium Omega-3 supplements.

How does OMAPURE™ compare to Dr. Sears’ Zone Omega-3 product, OmegaRx?
We’re glad you asked.  If you compare the two products’ supplement facts, you will find they have very similar formulations, however OMAPURE™ is about half as much when compared on a $ per gram of EPA and DHA.  

We are seeing customers switch to OMAPURE™.  Here is one quote from a recent convert:
“I currently take the Sears fish oil; it is excellent but you actually have a higher % of EPA/DHA per 1 gram of fish oil. In that sense your product is superior at half his price.”

Please compare OMAPURE to Dr. Sears' Zone Fish Oil in a head to head comparison.

Shipping and International

For domestic (USA) shipments, what are the shipping options and costs?
OMAPURE™ currently offers United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority (takes 3-5 working days) and Fedex or UPS 2nd Day Air.   Customers will receive an email within 24-48 hours of placing their order with a tracking number.

USPS Priority is offered for free for orders with 3 bottles or more.

Is OMAPURE™ available in any retail stores in the USA or internationally?
No.  At this time, OMAPURE™ is only available to purchase on-line.

For international shipments, which countries does OMAPURE™ ship to?
OMAPURE™ is currently shipping to Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, and the UK.

If your country is not on the list, you may send us an e-mail as we may be able to make special arrangements.

For international shipments, what are the shipping options and costs?
We offer two international shipping options.  One option is USPS Express Mail International (EMS) which typically takes 1-2 weeks to arrive to your country's customs (and the hold-up at customs varies widely from country to country).  The second option is UPS Worldwide Expedited which is faster but much more expensive.

USPS Express Mail International (EMS) only provides confirmation that the shipment was sent, whereas UPS Worldwide Expedited provides much more detailed tracking information, so we know where you're shipment is at any point in time.   If you chose EMS, please be forewarned that we will lose visibility where the package is located (due to limited tracking) and it could take a month or longer to receive your shipment.

To find out the shipping cost, you need to select the number of OMAPURE™ bottles you would like to purchase.  Then, once you arrive at the order page, you will be prompted to enter your country.   You will see the shipping cost before you are required to provide a credit card number.

For international shipments, who pays for any custom duties or other taxes?
Vitoria Biosciences will not be held responsible for any custom duties or taxes that may be levied by your country.  You will be responsible for those taxes, if any apply.