Compare OMAPURE™: Overall Comparison

OMAPURE™’s pricing beats the other pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 brands with a 41-79% discount.

Many people who are not experts with supplements (in general) or Omega-3 (in particular) can easily fall prey to various marketing claims of “value.”   One of the most objective and important ways to compare value among Omega-3 brands is to compute the cost per gram of EPA and DHA (the two main active ingredients in Omega-3).  We’ll help guide you through some of the math below.

Here are the most important variables to consider:

Number of Softgels in a Bottle

Most Omega-3 brands only include 30 or 60 softgels in a bottle. OMAPURE comes with 120 softgels in a bottle.  The math is simple – OMAPURE™ typically provides 2x or 4x the number of softgels per bottle.  If you look at no other factors, a competitive brand priced at $7.50 / bottle (with 30 softgels) or a $15 / bottle (with 60 softgels) is the equivalent of an OMAPURE™ bottle (with 120 softgels) priced at $30 / bottle.

In other words, holding all else constant but the number of softgels, OMAPURE is providing a 50-75% lower cost per gram of EPA and DHA compared to most brands on the market.

EPA / DHA purity

EPA and DHA are the “magical” active ingredients in Omega-3. They are the primary reasons why Omega-3 is heralded in the press and scientific literature for its wonderful health and anti-inflammatory benefits.   Most Omega-3 products in the market are 18%/12% (EPA/DHA), meaning that only 30% of the Omega-3 is comprised of the truly valuable ingredients. As you move up in EPA/DHA percentage (purity), the cost grows significantly as the source fish oil must be distilled by a highly complex refining process.

OMAPURE™ is 50%/20% (EPA/DHA) and one of the most pure Omega-3 brands on the market. You would have to buy more than 2 softgels of a lower quality brand (18%/12%) or about 1.5 softgels (30%/20%) to get the same EPA/DHA found in 1 OMAPURE™ (50%/20%) softgel.

Not only do you need to take the ultra purity of OMAPURE™ into account for pricing comparisons, but there are also real benefits in regards to safety (less impurities), convenience (less softgels to get the same dosage) and taste (improved taste profile).

Independently Tested for Absence of Mercury and Other Contaminants

We just went through the two key variables that drive a difference in cost between brands – how many softgels in a bottle and how much EPA/DHA in a softgel.

Now, let’s look at a factor that actually increases the cost, but one we would argue is critical for your peace of mind and health.

Ultra premium Omega-3 brands such as OMAPURE™ bear an additional cost to ensure 100% safety for you and your loved ones.  Safety is certainly addressed when a brand sources its fish oil from pristine waters and uses advanced molecular distillation to remove impurities.  However, at the end of the day, the only way to guarantee no mercury or dioxins is to have the finished product tested by a reputable and independent third party testing laboratory.

Each OMAPURE™ batch is tested by IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) and has received the highest rating (5 out of 5).  These tests are very expensive as they require extraordinarily precise testing equipment.  For example, PCBs, Dioxin, and Furan levels are tested using gas chromatography mass spectrometry at a detection limit of parts per trillion and Mercury is tested using cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy at a detection limit of parts per billion.

Please make sure any brand you buy from has each batch tested by a reputable and independent third party.  It is the only way to guarantee no mercury or other contaminants.

OMAPURE Pricing Comparison

Without including the important variables of independent third party testing, below is a chart comparing OMAPURE™ to other premium Omega-3 brands on the market.

You’ll see OMAPURE™ is the most economical brand in the premium Omega-3 segment, with a discount of 41-79%.

Note: The OMAPURE™ discounts computed below are based on a 1 bottle purchase of OMAPURE™ at $29.95.  The 3 or 5 OMAPURE™ bottle deals bring an even higher discount, plus free shipping.

Product Name Mg of Omega-3s (EPA + DHA) per Softgel Softgels in Bottle Total Mgs per Bottle Price per Bottle Cost per 1000 mgs of Omega-3s (EPA + DHA) OMAPURE™ discount Monthly Price for OMAPURE™ Equivalent Dose
OMAPURE™ 1 Bottle 600 120 72,000 $29.95 42¢ - $29.95
OMAPURE™ 3 Bottle Deal 600 120 72,000 $23.28 32¢ - $23.28
OMAPURE™ 5 Bottle Deal 600 120 72,000 $21.95 30¢ - $21.95
Dr. Sears OmegaRx 600 120 72,000 $50.95 71¢ 41% $50.95
Nordic Naturals Ultra Omega Xtra 600 60 36,000 $31.95 89¢ 53% $63.90
Omega Brite Gelcaps 400 60 24,000 $22.95 96¢ 56% $68.85
Iceland Health Maximum Strength Omega-3 500 30 15,000 $29.95 $2.00 79% $143.76
The information for this pricing comparison was obtained from each company’s Web site in November 2011.